Леонида Агутина едва не убил криминальный авторитет The singer told how once almost died in the hands of criminals. According to Leonid Agutin, from death saved him the musical talent he was forced to sing, and then released.
Леонида Агутина едва не убил криминальный авторитет

July 16 Leonid Agutin celebrated 50-year anniversary of the noisy celebrations among friends, colleagues and loved ones. Over the years the artist has accumulated not only a lot of famous hits, but also stories. So, in the first channel showed a documentary film “Leonid Agutin. Ocean of love”, where the musician talked about his early career. Then the young artist has covered the first wave of euphoria, there was a confidence, which nearly cost him his life.

Once in the restaurant he is addicted to pretty girls, deciding to buy them champagne. But not in time to pour sparkling by the glass, I saw fear in the eyes of strangers. The bottle was from the next table, behind which sat the company of crime bosses.

“They called me. Well, what to do? Came. And the chief says to me, “Today you die”. And sat next to the kid, he’s just a “kids” sat. He caught up to me and asked what I was doing. “Singer, songwriter I”, – I answered. Well, you of course, “fubar”, but there is a chance you sing and then you’ll see,” recalls Simon.
Леонида Агутина едва не убил криминальный авторитет

Agutin sang “the Barefoot boy” and it saved his life. The story of an ordinary guy who has achieved success, actually liked the bandit: “a powerful thing! Who wrote it?” – he asked and when he learned that the author, a guy by mistake took from his table a bottle of champagne, then forgive. “Live!” – ordered and released to the world.

By the way, alcohol is repeatedly brought Agutin trouble. For example, several years ago, was nearly destroyed his marriage. Drunk Simon hugged the pretty brunette, a photo hit the media, then family life Agutin and Varum were under threat.

Now the artist admits that really abused alcoholic drinks. Explains it simply – he has a great fear of large concentrations of people. “I had a lot to drink, and on tour always be drunk. I have a General fear of large crowds. Hell of a responsibility and how much should you be inside the energy of misunderstandings about what a great, cool, beautiful, because all I’m putting a big question, and believe it is very difficult without doping”, – says Leonid Agutin.

Now Leonid Agutin drinks only on holidays, and over the past years drunk in public were not seen. The singer constantly confesses his love to his wife Angelika Varum, is proud of her daughters – Pauline and Lisa, and continues to work hard – touring, participating in festivals and writes music for movies.