Leonardo DiCaprio will shoot a film about kidnapped for the circus brothers-African Americans

Леонардо ДиКаприо снимет фильм о похищенных для цирка братьях-афроамериканцах

Leonardo DiCaprio at the moment, took a timeout in the shooting, because on the big screen we’ll see him soon. But the name of the Oscar-winning star will still appear in the titles of several paintings, which are currently already being developed. The fact that Leonardo often acts as the producer of a project. The new was based on the book by Beth Macy “Trouvain: Two brothers, a kidnapping and a mother’s quest or the Real story of the Jim crow South” (“Truevine: Two Brothers, A Kidnapping,and a Mother’s Quest; A True Story of the Jim CrowSouth”).

In addition to DiCaprio producer responsibilities assumed Jennifer Davisson.

At the moment about the future of the film we know very little. The names of the screenwriter, the Director, the cast is undefined.

If we talk about history, which is described in the book, this is a story about the kidnapping of two brothers-African Americans. Boys were stolen in the city Trouvain, Virginia, in 1899 and exhibited in the circus for the amusement of the audience, until their mother for 28 years trying to find them and return.

The story is not an invention of the author, and the story really is.

Recall the last time the name of Leonardo DiCaprio does not descend from pages of Newspapers and magazines. Actor accused of embezzling $ 3 billion.