Леонардо Ди Каприо ответит в суде за клевету
The actor can lose huge amount.

Frame from the film “the Wolf of wall street”

Photo: Instagram.com

to foreign media reports, Leonardo DiCaprio will soon be brought before
court. He will have to testify under oath in a libel case.

A lawsuit filed
a Andrew green, venture capitalist and lawyer. He stated that he was severely
defamed the creators of the film “the Wolf of wall Street”. They supposedly created it in
the film legkousvaivaemyh caricature that badly damaged his reputation. “Copied”
from green hero, says Andrew, is presented in the aforementioned film as morally
and intellectually degraded subject.

Green appreciated
he suffered financial and moral damages in a substantial sum of money – 25 million
dollars. And the responsible for his losses Andrew called producers
film. So he filed a lawsuit against all the companies responsible for
the production of the film. And among them is the production company of Leonardo DiCaprio – Appian Ways.

Lawyers for the actor, who earned thanks to the “Wolf…” eight-digit sum
did everything to not allow the involvement of his client in the proceedings. They
said the actor can not be considered a defendant because it is not
neither the script nor executing the role of Nicky Koskoff – he played another
actor, P. J. Byrne. However, green claims he has information,
according to which it DiCaprio managed to gain access to purely private
information, allowing to blacken Andrew. 41-year-old actor tried to shy away from giving
the affidavit citing his extraordinary employment. But this
the excuse was not accepted, and the judge demanded that Leonardo was

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