Leonardo DiCaprio took part in the protest March in Washington

Леонардо ДиКаприо принял участие в протестном марше в Вашингтоне

At the end of last week, the President of the United States of America has signed a decree according to which removed restrictions on mining on the continental shelf, introduced by the previous head of the White house Barack Obama. This means that oil and gas will increase significantly, and environmental initiatives go by the wayside. USA shuddered from mass protests and demonstrations aimed to stop the destruction of the planet. One of them called “Climate March” was attended by Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Together with other participants of the March star of “Survivor” and “the Wolf of wall street” DiCaprio, who has more than ten years of experience in saving the planet, walked the streets of Washington. As the goodwill Ambassador of the UN, Leo couldn’t be away from what is happening, and supported the opponents of the initiatives trump.
The protesters believe that climate change will come faster and it will be a direct threat to humanity. By the way, the day of the meeting coincided with the hundredth day of the presidency of Donald trump. Part DiCaprio in the protest Climate March drew attention to the event the representatives of mass media. Before the rally, Leo met with representatives of the indigenous population. whose rights and integrity of the territory has once again violated the country’s authorities.
“Today’s action Climate March gave me hope that our planet has a future. We will continue to fight for justice. it’s time to act,” wrote DiCaprio on his page in the social network.
In the coming days in the United States are planning to hold over 300 (!) meetings, which will be attended by tens of thousands of Americans.