Leonardo DiCaprio spotted again in the company of Gigi Hadid Photographers caught the actor and model in one of the restaurants in Italy.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted again with Gigi HadidEveryone knows that the 48-year-old Hollywood bachelor Leonardo DiCaprio is not indifferent to models and an impressive “collection” of novels with such girls has gathered in his biography. However, one rule applies to all of them – as soon as the beloved turns 25, the actor immediately finds a replacement for her.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted again with Gigi Hadid

An interesting theory on this subject was recently put forward by actress Katherine Ryan – she believes that such a peculiar age threshold is associated with some kind of psychological trauma: DiCaprio earned it on the set of the film that made him a world celebrity – talking about the movie “Titanic”. Ryan claims that Leonardo is still aware of himself at the age of his character Jack Dawson, which is approximately 22 years old. That is why he chooses women who fit into his imaginary “demography”, in a relationship with them he feels comfortable.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted again with Gigi Hadid

Katherine's “theories” last fall the news of DiCaprio's affair with model Gigi Hadid began to threaten – she is 27, moreover, she has a child from a previous relationship. The couple was often seen together at various events, they even spent a short vacation on a yacht, but then the actor began to be noticed with other girls, and the alleged romance with the model came to naught.

Leonardo DiCaprio spotted again with Gigi Hadid

But the other day the American edition of Page Six breathed new life into this half-forgotten story – Leo and Gigi lit up in the Milanese restaurant Casa Cipriani. They sat in a bar and talked nicely, and when they noticed the attention from the paparazzi, Gigi hurried to leave, and DiCaprio stayed. Nevertheless, insiders continue to claim that the stars are just friends and there is no romantic relationship between them.

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