Leonardo DiCaprio sold the rest at his home at auction

Леонардо ДиКаприо продал отдых в своем доме с аукциона

Recently in Cannes, was held the traditional annual charity auction, organized by the American Foundation of AIDS research (amfAR)

Every year this event brings together filmmakers, representatives of the fashion and music industries, athletes and just people who login for the celebration will be affordable (a place at the table is 15 thousand euros).

2016 is no exception and amfAR gathered world celebrities, among which were Kevin spacey, Adrian Brody, Leonardo DiCaprio and others.

The actors became direct participants in the auction, holding auctions on their lots. Thus, Brody’s picture was sold for 450 thousand. Whole day in the company of the stars of “house of cards” cost the buyer half a million euros.

The owner of the lot was waiting for a nice bonus: he’s got the opportunity to play in the series “house of cards” (House Of Cards) as an extra.

But Leo is a bad bargain. Weekly rent their own housing in palm springs (USA) it sold just over 300 thousand. However, the actor said that during his visit to the apartment of strangers, he is there to be no.

By the way, DiCaprio in amfAR auction bought… a trip to Mongolia.

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