Леонардо Ди Каприо сделали лицом рекламы печенья от девочек-скаутов

Ellen DeGeneres, being the master of ceremony of delivery “Oscar”, treated the audience in the hall features pizza, Chris Rock has decided not to change traditions and also invited the star to eat sweets, which turned out to be cookies from the girl scouts, who invited the comedian to the stage. However, the sweets got the celebrity is not free. Everyone could get a box of cookies, by paying for it. One of the customers turned out to be Leonardo Di Caprio. Having bought a box of cookies, Leo opened it ate a few cookies. Could then the actor to assume that this scene later, the girl scouts will use in order to sell as many boxes of cookies.

Enterprising scouts made a banner, on which was placed a photograph of DiCaprio with their cookies, and next left the following inscription: “This is Leo. Leo wanted an Oscar. Leo bought cookies from the girl scouts at the ceremony. Leo won the Oscar. Leo smart. Be like Leo. Buy cookies of girl scouts“.

A clever PR stunt, don’t you think? I wonder if Leo somehow deal with scouts about illegal use of his picture for advertising purposes?

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