Leonardo DiCaprio has voluntarily renounced its “Oscar”

Леонардо Ди Каприо добровольно отказался от своего «Оскара»
The actor was at the center of a horrific scandal that threatens to destroy his career.


As reported
overseas media yesterday Leonardo DiCaprio was handed over to the Ministry of justice of the United States belonging to
to him “Oscar”. Although the representative of the actor said that it was a goodwill gesture
from DiCaprio, really, as claimed, he is only a few
days ahead already prepared the judgment of forfeiture statues.
This was announced by the Internet site pagesix.com.

however, it is not about the award received last year for her role in the film “Survivors”.
Nevertheless transmitted to them by the Ministry of the statuette was not bought Leo in
auction, and presented to him in appreciation for his work on another successful project
with the movie “the Wolf of wall Street”. Between
by the way, Leo handed the statuette once belonged to the Marlon
Brando, and is considered extremely valuable collector’s piece. And to give Di
Caprio had from her because “Red Granite Pictures” company,
gave him this thing is now under investigation on charges of corruption
and money laundering.

that case, which began last year. Then came the first suspicions
dishonesty “Red Granite Pictures”. And to the extent that
how spun the story became
it is known that the connection of Leo with the criminal company, unfortunately, is not limited to
one lousy gift. The fact that “Red Granite Pictures”. financed “the wolf of wall street,” where Leo not only played a major
role, but also was one of the main producers. Moreover, according to foes
actor, he was aware of the origin of money, which the movie was filmed.

Meanwhile, “Red Granite Pictures”, as we found out during the investigation, received their financial
resources from corrupt officials from Malaysia directly related to the local
criminal elements. And now set this connection law enforcement
are going to confiscate all of the income earned from the films funded by this

among others, and Leo — he will be deprived of money earned as a producer of “Wolf.”
But worse, it can cause irreparable blow to his reputation,
destroying Hollywood career not only DiCaprio, but also compromise him
activities to protect the environment. Because of the above-mentioned Malaysian
officials are charged with, among other things, in illegal logging in their
the country.