Leonardo DiCaprio has invested in a new business

Леонардо Ди Каприо вложился в новый бизнес

Leonardo DiCaprio is not only a famous actor but also a philanthropist and a philanthropist. Over the years of its professional activities, the Hollywood star also devoted a lot of time our planet has attracted public attention to environmental issues, global warming, protection of endangered animal species.

All, since DiCaprio has started to do charity work, he transferred to the various funds of about $ 59 million. It can not hit, agree.

Leonardo recently invested in another interesting project. The star of “the Survivors” supported the desire of Adrian Grenier find the loneliest whale in the world. The program is called “52: The Search for The Loneliest Whale” (“the Search for the loneliest whale”). Its essence is to find a unique whale can emit sounds at a certain purity, which can’t be collected. The goal of this program to find Keith and to understand what’s going on. DiCaprio helps Grenier in this project and provides its implementation of 50 thousand dollars.

Also today, Western media reported about another case of the actor. The Oscar winner became a co-owner of the company on manufacture of the frozen products.

DiCaprio said that the work of this company is very important because it inspires people to eat more wholesome food. Leo said he intends to continue to fight for the environment.

“These products need to feed the entire population of our planet,” added Leonardo.

Previously, DiCaprio advertised Chinese car.