Leonardo DiCaprio has invented a new way to hide from the paparazzi

Леонардо Ди Каприо придумал новый способ прятаться от папарацци

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most sought after Hollywood stars. Paparazzi and fan following the actor wherever he went. DiCaprio this situation is amusing, because often their persecutors, he was amused by their methods of conspiracy. One of the favorite to pull the hood over your head so that you could not see the face and it was impossible to guess who is behind it hid.

Now, however, Leo showed more creativity and ingenuity: a 42-year-old Oscar winner on the streets of new York walking around in a Balaclava and believes that it is very to face. Interestingly, hidden behind a Balaclava, DiCaprio nevertheless again put on his favorite hat and glasses. Apparently, the actor is still looking for the perfect way of conspiracy. Goes through options, so to speak.

We will remind, not so long ago we talked about the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio began to struggle with approaching old age. The star of “Titanic” has become an avid visitor of beauty salons, where does the “beauty shots” in order to prolong their youth. Given this, we can assume that Balaclava DiCaprio used not just to hide from their pursuers, and that it may swollen face after injections or bruises that leave anti-aging treatments, did not become public knowledge.