Леонардо Ди Каприо нашел замену той, кто разбил ему сердце After parting with the previous model blond actor tried for six months to establish privacy. Apparently, he succeeded. The world famous star is trying to get the attention of a young beauty.

      Леонардо Ди Каприо нашел замену той, кто разбил ему сердце

      Leonardo has not conceded the film festival in Cannes, even if he had nothing to do there. It involve the sun-drenched coast of France, holiday atmosphere and crowds of half-naked women. It is from there that Leo usually brings a new blonde model physique at the age of 25. However, this year, the actor began the festival program, not with the parties, and charity auction, which acquired the Chanel purse for $18 and 100 scarf from the collection of Inna Zotova over five thousand. Handbag is clearly intended beloved mother, but the actor who was going to give the scarf?

      Where’s my sweetheart?

      A year ago, DiCaprio went to the grooms of model Kelly Rohrbach. Introduced her to childhood friends, took me on trips to expensive places for themselves, in General, have strongly demonstrated that with this girl he’s all long haul. But even if Leo only tried to show themselves in the best light before awarding Oscars before the ceremony the couple would not have lasted.

      The announcement of the rupture was done in January after the winter holidays separately and shortly before his 26th birthday Kelly. Supposedly the bride and groom realized that they both have no time for romance. In fact, Kelly has preferred relationships with Leonardo’s role in the updated version of the TV series “Baywatch”, which in the original was played by Pamela Anderson. Mindful of how the series glorified pam, a girl dived into work and no longer flew to the call Leo at any time convenient for him. And consult with women’s plans, the actor is not used.

      Леонардо Ди Каприо нашел замену той, кто разбил ему сердце

      After the break he was not up to his personal life: he reveled in the long-awaited “Oscar”. A constant friend hardly would have approved of the revelry in the company of friends and models on call”, so the search for the actor attended to just in April. After dinner with Leo at the restaurant Nobu in Malibu 19-year-old model Chelsea Weimar posted in social networks panoramic shots of Los Angeles, corresponding to the views from the Windows of his house. But whether she was too young even by the standards of a Leo, whether he has not made up with the brunette, but from the second date he fled to Indonesia to make a report about the environment.

      Less than a month later, Leonardo appeared in the new York club with 24-year-old model Roxy Horner. The blonde flashed in the retinue of the actor before, and then got a chance to stand out. But, even having hung on Leo the whole evening, nothing was achieved.

      The initiation ritual

      The actor appeared again in public with a girl in mid-may, a few days before leaving France. Blonde he brought in bar-Bodega Negra restaurant in new York, was acting unusual for a “girls Leo” – paid more attention to the phone than the satellite, and then went home, leaving Leonardo alone. The next day, the actor invited a friend for a bike ride. It’s a ritual that begins every novel.

      By the time reporters learned that the beautiful name al Kavalec. She is originally from Poland. There was her name elżbieta, but in the modeling Agency the name was deemed too furious. On life in America earns al’s demonstration of swimwear and underwear — a good lesson for the owner of a nearly ideal parameters 89-64-90 the growth of 174 cm In her spare time she enjoys horse riding, which means that the lady is not of the faint of heart. If al really was going to meet Leonardo, the self-control she will need. The actor loves women too. At the Cannes disco it for the whole evening stuck together with a dark-haired English model Georgia Fowler, a famous candid photo shoot for French Connection. But novels across the ocean, Leonardo does not indulge, so that their flirting was from the beginning considered hopeless.

      Back in new York, Leo lit up in a nightclub with singer Rihanna the reporters long tipped dark-skinned beloved in Barbados Leonardo DiCaprio, although she is not his type and says she has no time for men. At the end of may, Leonardo returned to his hobby – Cycling in society blondes. Sunglasses on half face made it difficult to identify beauty, but the figure – particularly the ample bosom – it is very similar to the ELU Kavalec. Considering how much of a friend Leo like each other, reporters would be much easier to verify the identity of the girl, if Leonardo had thought to tie her bought a scarf in Cannes…

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