Leonardo DiCaprio checked out a new mistress for strength

Леонардо Ди Каприо проверил новую любовницу на прочность
Lorena RAE took up the challenge of the actor.

Leonardo DiCaprio


the status of the girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio —
the dream of most beauties-models, of which, Hollywood celebrity
and most of the time and chooses its next “passion”. But for the right to be around all the time
Leo has rasplachivat, because DiCaprio gives his mistresses
relax. So if any girl expects that it will
be treated like a Princess — with Leo it is better not to meet. The actor in
once again confirmed by the example of his new lady 23 — year-old German model
Lorena’s Paradise.

a joint publication DiCaprio and Rye began to Lorena seems to be
reassuring he invited her to dine in one popular in new York
restaurants. However, instead of a romantic meal, this event suddenly turned into
unplanned sports training. As soon as the meal was over, Leo
announced that would like a little exercise and offered to rent a couple
bicycles and “ride a bit”. But Lauren did not disappoint DiCaprio although
she came to the restaurant in mini dress and boots with heels, the girl, without flinching,
accepted his challenge!

By the way
42-year-old Leo, big fan of Cycling, has already informed the “test connection”
athletic skills Paradise. Before she was enrolled in the permanent girlfriend
actor, he offered her to take with him a part in a charity bike
the marathon in new York. The girl with survived the ordeal. But then he
warned her in advance and at least she was dressed accordingly…

that DiCaprio began Dating Paradise only this summer, after he gave
the resignation of his former girlfriend, Nina Agdal, which, of course, also makes
a career in the modeling business. Interestingly, as told to Lorena, his
idol and role model, she believes other famous last
model and also ex-mistress of Leo — Gisele Bundchen.