Леонардо ДиКаприо и его друзья выставили на торги себя и свои вещи

Today, July 20, in the French city of Saint Tropez will be an auction organized by the charity Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio. The lots for auction will be things of the actor and his friends, as well as opportunities to spend time with DiCaprio or his buddies time.

So, for example, the auction participants will be able to buy a week on the set of new Martin Scorsese film” or dinner with Leonardo in the restaurant on the Eiffel tower, you can buy lunch with Margot Robbie or become the owner of the motorcycle from the personal collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger. It is terrible to imagine how much these items can cost. I will assume that the auction proceeds will be more than one million dollars.

It is noted that all of the money raised at the auction will be directed for the protection of nature and fight global warming.

Full list of lots as follows:

  • Motorcycle Harley Davidsons from the personal collection of Arnold Schwarzenegger, his own sword from the movie “Conan the Barbarian” and a collection of cigars
  • Metal skull the Terminator (photoloc) from the film “Terminator: Genesis” that exists in the world only three copies (one was presented to Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Week on the set of new Martin Scorsese film
  • Dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio at the restaurant on the Eiffel tower
  • Visit in the company of Leonardo DiCaprio tennis tournament US Open
  • Watches Rolex and cufflinks from the collection of Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Props from the set of various films with DiCaprio, which he took in memory
  • Lunch with Margot Robbie
  • Private speech by Kevin spacey
  • Visit the private parties before the ceremony, “Oscar”, at the Cannes film festival and at the White house with film producer Harvey Weinstein
  • Handmade suit from Giorgio Armani
  • Paintings By Pablo Picasso
  • Earrings in the form of jellyfish from the jewelry brand Chopard
  • Expedition to the North and South pole
  • A week stay at the Leonardo DiCaprio in palm springs
  • Tickets for the super bowl

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