Leonardo DiCaprio almost drowned during surveys of the seabed in the Galapagos Islands

Леонардо Ди Каприо едва не утонул во время исследования дна у Галапагосских островов

Life Leonardo DiCaprio full of stories when he is almost on the verge of death. Earlier in the Studio of the Ellen DeGeneres the actor talked about how he had to fly in an airplane, which burned one of the motors. Now it turns out the Oscar winner was almost killed during the filming of the documentary “Before the flood”.

On almost Woe to the incident said the Director Fisher Stevens.

The Director said that the incident took place in 2010. Then the whole team, including, of course, DiCaprio went on an expedition on the Galapagos Islands.

DiCaprio’s partner was diving for the oceanographer Sylvia Earle, and Stevens — for actor Edward Norton.

Stevens turned to Leonardo with a request to take a “small simple camera” to capture the Earl, and the artist agreed.

The dive took place. The team managed to remove the diversity of the underwater world. Suddenly something went wrong. According to the Director, 20 minutes later he “lost” all his colleagues.

“Then I see Leo barely breathing, because the tank was leaking oxygen,” said Stevens added that DiCaprio arrived Norton and literally saved his sharing and bringing oxygen to the surface.

Despite the circumstances, DiCaprio managed to make some fascinating shots that have become a part of the documentary.