Leonard Cohen fell on the eve of death

Леонард Коэн упал накануне смерти

The legendary musician Leonard Cohen , even though he was already in old age at the time of death, still for his loved ones and fans the death of the singer came as a shock. Today, the former Manager of the artist said that could be the cause. As it turned out, before the death of Leonard fell at his home in Los Angeles, and the next morning he was found dead in his own bed.

The Manager said that the actor died on November 7, three days before it became known to the media. Such was the will of the musician and songwriter, he didn’t want too much fuss around his name, and when Leonard’s death made the front pages of Newspapers, he was mourned and buried.
The last year of life was not the easiest to 82-year-old Cohen, his health steadily deteriorated. In October, Leonard released the latest in all senses of the album “You Want It Darker”, introducing which said “now I can die”. Then, as if afraid of his words, he announced the intention to live forever.
Leonard was buried according to Jewish ritual in Montreal in the presence of loved ones – children, grandchildren, and friends.