Leo DiCaprio went the way Ewan McGregor

Лео Ди Каприо перешёл дорогу Юэну МакГрегору

16 years ago Director Danny Boyle presented the audience the movie called “the Beach”. As you know, the main role played by Leonardo DiCaprio. But today it became clear that the decision to participate in the project Leo was accepted at the last minute. So DiCaprio “knocked out” from the project is less known at the time, British actor Ewan McGregor.

According to Boyle, these personnel changes were done to the picture managed to earn rentals more cash. Since then, McGregor and Boyle are at odds. Ewan was terribly offended by the Director, who chased the money, ignoring simple friendship and working relationship.

Earlier this year, Yuen said that after several incredibly successful projects, taken from Boyle, he thought of himself as “I”, but when the choice of Director fell on DiCaprio, he felt pain like he was shot.

Now the situation is different – the actor and Director has resigned. This says at least the fact of creation of the sequel of the movie “Trainspotting”.

“It’s been a long time since then (since the filming of the movie “the Beach”) and I regret all the time we worked together, me and Danny,” said McGregor.