Leo DiCaprio welcomes the growth of the tigers

Лео Ди Каприо рад росту популяции тигров

Famous not only for actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio for many years engaged in restoring the population of wild tigers. Earlier attempts by the star and his associates were not too successful, but today from the world wildlife Fund and Leonardo DiCaprio personally received good news.

For the first time in 100 years, there was an increase in the population of wild tigers.

“I’m so proud that our joint efforts have begun to move forward to achieve our goal, but needs to be done is still very much”, – said DiCaprio. Note that Leonardo is on the Board of Directors is headed by WWF and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

As a representative of these organizations frequently travels the world to in a country to discuss issues of conservation.

We will remind, recently the star of “Survivor” went to Indonesia, which drew public attention to the suffering of the elephants from the felling of the Park “Gunung laser”: “Ecosystem “Gunung laser” is considered the best habitat for endangered Sumatran elephants. They are still found in these places, but the expansion of plantations leads to a change in migration routes used by elephants, so it is getting harder to find food and water, wrote DiCaprio in a social network.


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