Lenin responded to the news about the upcoming wedding and Alibasova

Ленина ответила на новость о предстоящей свадьбе с Алибасовым The writer claims that the producer is looking for a smart companion. Lena Lenin confessed that he did not believe in the institution of marriage, and therefore does not intend to go to the registry office. According to her, Bari Alibasov wishful thinking.
Ленина ответила на новость о предстоящей свадьбе с Алибасовым

Today over the news that well-known producer Bari Alibasov wants to marry a businesswoman and writer Lena Lena. As it turned out, he wrote her name will: Bari ready to leave Lena vosmikomnatny apartment in the centre of Moscow and other property. Also, a man endows the beloved with expensive gifts and dreams about the forthcoming wedding. However, Lena admitted to “StarHit” that it did not intend to marry.

“The fact that he’s divorcing his ex-wife is true. She had married him not his child, their relationship did not work out, and divorce is natural. But what I’m going to marry Bari – strong exaggeration. I already had trouble to refuse, because I’m all for anyone not getting married, but I don’t want to hurt a cute Barzica, and I love sable, which coat I, of course, accepted,” – said the writer.
Ленина ответила на новость о предстоящей свадьбе с Алибасовым

Lenin said that Bari Karimovich trying to take care of it, but always gets rejected. According to her, she does not believe in the seriousness of his intentions.

“It is unlikely now he’s looking for a sexual partner, it seemed to me that he is looking for a smart friend because, as he says Bari, the first shock of our meeting he had in relation to my appearance, and here he spoke about the very flattering which I divinely beautiful. But this first impression quickly fades and, as he said, “cease to even notice the outer beauty”, but the inner quality of the mind and human nature continue to delight in the friendly relations long. This is probably the reason for his unexpected choice. Although I don’t need vosmikomnatny Bari apartment on the Arbat, nor his land, I have all good. I hate to think that now I resent blood descendants of Alibasov,” – says Lena.

The writer believes that Alibasov wishful thinking, and therefore reported the wedding venue on the French Riviera. Lenin did not hide the fact that this resort is one of her favorites, but she does not intend to become the wife of Bari Karimovich.

“We have a very large age difference, and I could be his daughter, as if he very much tried, even granddaughter. And to hold the wedding on the Cote d’azur Bari wants, because he knows how much I love France and I live in Paris,” the end justifies the words of his friend Lena.

Despite the fact that Lenin and Alibasov in a good relationship, the writer does not intend to meet with them his son. She tries to keep it as far away from show business.