Lenin does not allow its stylists to swim in Cannes

Ленина запрещает своим стилистам купаться в Каннах

It turned out that in Cannes socialite Lena Lenina and her team are not resting, not swimming, and certainly don’t go on drunken partying on the beaches – they’re working constantly and not sleeping off a large amount of interviews, business meetings, long hairstyles, fittings and creative disputes…

Edition Woman’s Daу managed to learn one day with the Russian star on one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world.

Morning Lena starts at six in the morning. Immediately after waking up, she writes interviews, which then sends mails to all parts of the world.

Then Breakfast, definitely combined with talks or meetings. The stylists and press secretaries eat croissants, and poor Lena back on the diet, so her diet is oatmeal porridge on the water, yogurt and carrots with coffee without sugar.

After Breakfast, make a couple of hours and hairstyle for about three hours with a concurrent business negotiations on the phone. Lena, for example, have to manage all construction processes from the repair of drywall to the concrete floors of two suburban homes new – house in “Cambridge” at the New Riga homes in the “Marseille” on the Kaluga highway. And the Cannes technical and design control of these processes are not terminated, despite the support of the Moscow team with renowned designer and architect by Elena Mittenii and Alexander Lisov.

After hair and make-up assistant costume designer helps Lena to wear a dress, ironed in advance, otvarennoy and prepared for lifting at the famous staircase in the world. Dress should not greatly crease in case of a limousine must not be afraid of the water in case of rain, it should look flawless from any point of 360 degrees and, most importantly, not to be lost against the red carpet. Even the cloth the strength is tested, because there were cases when the train come and tear or the zipper jammed at the most inopportune moment…

After the track in Lena’s schedule – dinner with the stars or famous producers, Directors and photographers. Then back to the room – writing new interviews and meeting with the assistants plans for tomorrow, including stylistic. And only long after midnight she goes to bed.

No wonder Lena Lenina repeats often that world-wide fame and millions she earned great difficulty.

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