The writer tried to bring the actor to clean water. Lena Lenina released a video taken behind the scenes of the show “actually”. Star tries to ask a friend why his family hid the truth.

On the eve of the broadcast showed the production of “actually” with participation of stars of the film “Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov. Experts have tried to figure out whether the actor tried to commit suicide twice.

First at the table with Stepanov was his girlfriend, Lena Lenina. She supported the boy in a difficult time. Writer and businesswoman could not believe that for the first time, when Basil broke his spine, it was a suicide attempt.

Lena Lenina says that the young man is in a serious depression. She visited Stepanova in the hospital, where his winter was taken by force medics. That is why it is unpleasant that the family of the actor were concealed from her the true state of Affairs.

“The most unpleasant in this story is that I was deceived, and I ran with this information to swing a sword. And after filming this programme I had even more questions and misunderstandings. The official conclusion of experts: simulation of suicide. To whom now to trust?” – shared his impressions of Lenin in the caption to the video.

The actor, whose name is all learned after his participation in the film Bondarchuk, denies that he tried to settle scores with life. “Something moved me. To go to the third floor. I got dressed and went down to the third floor. The window was open,” said Stepanov.

Mother Vasily Stepanov is trying to justify his suicidal tendencies

Recall that Lenin supported the actor when he’s in trouble this spring. In may she came to visit him with Goodies and watched his family lives. “Basil is in good physical and moral form, full of hope and lit a new film project,” said Lena in one of the posts made in may this year.