Лена Темниковала рассказала об унижениях, которые терпела в группе SEREBRO The singer frankly told about the most terrible period of his life. According to the artist, her ex-producer Maxim Fadeev made every effort to destroy it. Lena Temnikova remembered how for many years suffered bullying his mentor and his team.

      Лена Темниковала рассказала об унижениях, которые терпела в группе SEREBRO

      From the moment Lena Temnikova left the popular band SEREBRO, it took a lot of time. During this period, the singer managed to get married and become a mother of a charming girl Sasha, start a solo project and a private business. In short, the star is not in place. Actively develop staff from where she once left. Despite the fact that the group, and Lena herself have been living their lives, some details from the past sometimes pop up. Only two years later Temnikova found the strength to talk about his care for the truth and to disclose the details of cooperation with the production center Maxim Fadeev.

      We will remind, earlier known producer stated that his former ward is simply framed team when all of a sudden decided to leave the band, having found personal happiness. When this all happened six months before the expiry of the contract, but because Fadeyev is left to the singer claim financial order. After a while Lena Temnikova found the necessary funds to “buy their freedom”.

      Lena Temnikova responded to the accusations of Maxim Fadeev

      Remembering the time when she sang as part of SEREBRO, the artist is horrified by the things that she had to go. For example, Temnikova cannot forgive the producer for the fact that she, like other singers of the band, gradually “stripped” for filming and performances. In the end, the group has gained crazy popularity, but had the reputation of a very dissolute and uninhibited. To put up with this Lena was not easy.

      “I felt terrible, could hardly restrain himself not to burst into tears,” admits the star. – Was the home of a notorious girl – not about sex. And Fadeev started to make us some sexy “terrorists” because it is best to sell erotica and scandals. I complained: it’s not mine, I’m ashamed. He didn’t listen, saying that knows better. On the other hand, a contract’s a contract.”

      Can’t forget Temnikova and PR novels on which on-demand production center was Temnikova. So, for example, was publicized allegedly love story by Edgard Zapashny. Not less fuss and messages about the relationship of Temnikovo brother and family. Lena says that at first refused to openly lie to the audience, but the threat of the producer and attempts to punish her had done its job.

      “He didn’t tolerate disobedience,” says the singer. – Wanted for everyone to decide: with whom to communicate, how to dress, what time to go home. I had to be accountable all the time not to let go of the phone suddenly call. Reported what you ate for Breakfast, how much the scales show, and every time I heard from max that I’m fat and need to lose weight again.”

      The actress also said that the producer was against her real romance, explaining that one or the other love story may adversely affect the reputation of the group. Anyway, to build a serious relationship with someone of the suitors Temnikova and did not plan – at that time she was fully immersed in the work.

      Only having met future husband, the artist realized that I should do everything to get rid of obligations to the producer. In this issue of the star helped her partner Dmitri, who not only paid the producer centre of the penalty, which at the end of 2014, the year real scandal, but also support your favorite.

      Analyzing the events of recent years, the ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO, concluded that has really hurt the team and this is probably why after a long time, still faces the consequences of his care.

      “Why? I do not know. Although there is one guess. Many years ago Maxim was invited to dinner, which gave to understand that he is still young, full of energy and knows how to make me happy. I immediately closed this subject once and for all. Maybe that’s what I put him?” – reflects Lena Temnikova in an interview to “Caravan of stories”.

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