Lena Volatile met with the sons of her future husband

Лена Летучая познакомилась с сыновьями будущего мужа The ex-host of “Revizorro” recently met with the heirs of businessman Yuri Anashenkov that she is going to marry. According to star, this initiative came from her future spouse.

      Лена Летучая познакомилась с сыновьями будущего мужа

      At the end of March it became known about the care of Lena Flying from the program “Revizorro”. It was replaced by the ex-soloist of “via gra” Olga Romanov. In the press immediately appeared a few versions of this permutation: some people say that the famous blonde is pregnant, others have put forward the version that she fell out with the leadership of the TV channel “Friday”. Volatile opened all the cards and told journalists about his plans for the future.

      At the moment, for Elena is more important than personal life. Some time ago on it all snatched with criticism due to the fact that she allegedly stole the man of the family. Lena denied these rumors. With her partner Yuri she started Dating after his divorce. The lovers are very similar to each other. Next to this man presenter feels weak and loved. He has children, but this did not bother the star. Elena even had time to meet with his sons future wife. She noted that this was exclusively his initiative. TV presenter appreciates how Yuri treats them.

      “I respect him for his attitude to his sons. That Yura cares for them ,educates, although not living with their mothers. Marvel at his patience, ability to build relationships. Still a woman cannot raise a boy to be a real man,” he told the star.

      Elena Volatile and her choice is going to soon tie the knot. They’ve already decided what kind of wedding they will have. “We believe it is the unseen, now that must remain between us and our loved ones. We don’t need to prove anything to anyone. This holiday is only ours. I waited many years to meet such a man. First time accepted the offer hands and hearts. I’m finally happy” – shared TV presenter.

      Lena said that the chosen one matches all her desires and gives very useful gifts. “Yuri is very attentive. I spent many years trying to learn to play the piano, take lessons, but a good tool was not only old. So wanted a new, modern, compact and to fit into the interior. So Yura birthday gave it to me. If we are not able to go somewhere to relax, he brings me a longboard. Bought me and himself, and together go for a drive. The coolest is when you look with the beloved man in one vector. Yura is also the sport means a lot in life. He plays hockey, and is fond of Boxing,” said Elena in an interview with Wday.

      Despite the upcoming changes in his personal life, Flying continues to work hard. By the way, recently started shooting a new show “Stroinski”, in which Helena will motivate women to lose weight. Participant in the show, which casts the maximum number of kilograms will receive a cash prize.

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