Lena Volatile get married in a dress like Kate Middleton

Лена Летучая выйдет замуж в платье как у Кейт Миддлтон The TV presenter decided on a wedding outfit. Lena Volatile is preparing for the upcoming celebration with her partner, which is scheduled for the summer.

      Лена Летучая выйдет замуж в платье как у Кейт Миддлтон

      The ex-host of “Revizorro” Lena Flying these days is actively preparing for the wedding with her partner, businessman Yury Analogovym. This summer 37-year-old star of the screen for the first time will walk down the aisle. The groom had already moved to Fly in the house on Novorizhskoye highway, for him, they say she even is at the plate and spends a lot of time in the gym.

      “Try 37 to look the way I”, – not without pride has declared to journalists of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” on NTV channel Elena Volatile.

      Star of all time! She even knows what dress will Shine at your wedding. According to the authors “believe that!”, shoes the bride will be the heroine of the series “sex and the city” Carrie Bradshaw, and dress – almost an exact copy of the wedding dress Kate Middleton. “The dress is already chosen and purchased, – said the beautiful blonde. – Actually, to be honest, I didn’t like the first wedding dress. Thought wear normal dress of white color. What my friend said, “You what?! You’re married! It is not possible”. So I had to revise their views”.

      Лена Летучая выйдет замуж в платье как у Кейт Миддлтон

      Where will be the celebration itself, the TV presenter and her partner haven’t decided yet “I understand that this is for us, for two. Know that it is wrong to hog the covers, and we try to negotiate,” says the future bride. Meanwhile, restaurateurs are already trembling with fear – what if Lena will come Flying to them, and on a professional habit will begin to check how they clean the utensils. But Elena promises on the wedding day and forget about work and to control myself.

      By the way, the choice of Fly was already married, he has two sons from different marriages. Not so long ago the beloved TV presenter introduced the boys with his lady. Famous blonde noted that it was solely the initiative of Yuri. TV presenter appreciates how her husband relates to the children. “I respect him for his attitude to his sons. That Yura cares for them, educates, although not living with their mothers. Marvel at his patience, ability to build relationships. Still a woman cannot raise a boy to be a real man,” he told the star.

      Despite the upcoming changes in his personal life, Flying continues to work hard. By the way, recently started shooting a new show “Stroinski”, in which Helena will motivate women to lose weight. Participant in the show, which casts the maximum number of kilograms will receive a cash prize.

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