Лена Летучая кардинально изменила имидж перед свадьбой

The TV presenter appeared in a very unusual role for himself – in the image of a mysterious and very sexy spy.

Elena Letuchaya, apparently, decided to experiment a bit before the wedding. Star starred in the luxurious project for an online store Aizel and tell a little about your own style.

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Stylist photo shoot was made by Alyona Isaeva. According to the creators of the project Elena Volatile appeared in the form of a secret agent hunting for pokemon. In shooting took part the outfits from the new collections of Gucci, Self-Portrait, Freshblood, Daria Bardeeva, and others.

In succinct, Volatile interview said that he considered himself a fashionista, but more attention to personal style than trends. “I wear things in a variety of styles: I have fitted Dior and Saint Laurent, and some incredible Vetements. I have a lot of followers on Instagram, and they are watching how I dress. And when the show of iris van Herpen in Paris, I wore a shapeless dress Yohji Yamamoto, my fans I certainly did not appreciate: “Oh! A shapeless sack!“ But I’m “not about fashion”, I’m talking about your individual style, and I don’t care what people say – I look exactly how you want to look and she always invent images,” he shared in an interview Volatile Aizel.ru.

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