Lena Volatile decided to have the wedding dress of Kate Middleton

Лена Летучая решила сыграть свадьбу в платье Кейт Миддлтон

Every girl dreams of a Royal wedding, but only some can approach it literally. So, leading the popular TV show “Revizorro” Volatile Lena decided to get married in the dress in which she married the Duchess of Cambridge, aka wife of Prince William Kate Middleton.

Лена Летучая решила сыграть свадьбу в платье Кейт Миддлтон
The TV presenter has not yet decided on the place where she and her fiance, businessman Yury Panasenkov swear each other eternal love, but she knows exactly what her gown will be in that day. To the dress a la Kate Middleton it will have shoes like Carey Bradshaw from the TV series “sex and the city”.

“The dress is already chosen and purchased. Actually, to be honest, I didn’t like the first wedding dress. Thought wear normal dress of white color. What my friend said, “You what?! You’re married! It is not possible”. So I had to revise their views” — told reporters the Volatile Volatile.
But the restaurant is not so simple. It is perhaps for the first time, the restaurateurs are afraid that the bride is not distracted from his wedding duties and began to inspect the school at the dusty eaves and clean the dishes. However, Elena promised to control myself and not be distracted from the groom.

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