Lena Temnikova was justified for his purpose in “the House-2”

Лена Темникова оправдалась за свое назначение в «ДОМе-2»
The singer first appeared on the site of the infamous TV show.

Лена Темникова оправдалась за свое назначение в «ДОМе-2»

Ksenia Borodina, Lena Temnikova and Olga Buzova

Photo: Instagram

A few days ago, the Network appeared information about the
that telestroke “DOM-2” will be a new “master Builder” Elena Temnikova.
Fans of the singer, which is now very popular and literally lives on
tour, I was surprised that not only where it will have time
to lead the infamous show. Fans of Temnikovo an obvious
question: why would she do that?

After the social network got the first pictures
Helena, being on the set of “House-2”, to her barrage of criticism.
After reading all of the comments, the singer decided to explain to followers that it is not
going to take the place of someone leading the project and will actually be
to appear as a VJ on the channel “TNT music”.

“Answer at once about the HOUSE-2 briefly. To sit in
studios/houses/TD on the project – know. This applies to any TV show — said
Temnikova. My good time I don’t have physically. I, of course, not
leading in the classic sense of the word. The popular reality show
the country has its own format, daily shootings and their lovely leading. And I’m a singer
my schedule of life and lots of touring. So we decided to
did something funny. What not to do nobody. Read below.

To obtain information and support to give
a similar benefit of the audience (every 10th person in the country watching TV shows, it
research) — Yes. For the first time the popular show is conducting a nationwide casting
project “HOUSE-2″ which will be held at venues nationwide tour TEMNIKOVA
17/18, information partner is TNT MUSIC @tntmusicru. In
cities concerts of my tour on the site can be found
press wall of the TV show and the casting Director (and somewhere, and one of the participants
TV show!). Leave your request and pass the audition. For anyone wanting to get
on the TV show has become easier than ever. And judging by wishing very much
a lot. Therefore, if music and love can make someone happy is a thrill. On the website of the project will be
win a limited number of special awards tickets in all cities
tour. Follow the news on the website! I hope now everything is clear”.

Ksenia Borodina and Lena Temnikova at the site of “House-2”

Photo: Instagram