Lena Temnikova surprised naked the

Лена Темникова удивила обнаженным снимком The singer was photographed Topless in one of the shoots. Fans delighted with the scenes shared by Lena Temnikova in social networks. Many girls confessed that the dream of a body like that of a star.

      The ex-soloist of group “Silver” Elena Temnikova is considered to be one of the most beautiful representatives of our show business. A young mother is actively touring the country, leads events and is decorated with all sorts of glossy cover. But in spite of this, naked pictures of the actress shares a very rare. Making an exception in the posts, Temnikova still published the photo, which featured Topless, only in jeans. Bare Breasts Lena closes hands and flowing hair.

      Followers did not expect such courage from a celebrity, but was very glad of the opportunity to appreciate the luxurious form of the idol. “You’re just perfect! There are no words!”, “Temnikova, you beauty! Just fire! This is not a figure, but a dream!”, “Wow, unexpected. Undressed? Elena, is it you?”, “God, why don’t I have such a figure. I can only dream about such looks, what you have by nature… Ideal…” – posted by fans online.

      But the star indulges fans and other candid snapshots. For example, on a recent vacation, a young woman shared pictures in a bikini and in a wet tank top and even individual body parts. Together with her beloved husband Dmitry Lena visited the Maldives. She regularly shares with subscribers to bright shots in Instagram and emotions of a long-awaited trip. The singer also said that not only were able to relax in the company of her husband from the capital’s bustle and the tight schedule, but also to have fun. Spicy posts are appreciated by all.

      However, some members believe that such forms went to her for a reason. Users suggest that the woman a lot of time on sporting activities, stretching and yoga, as well as adhere to proper nutrition.

      Pictures of food that are placed in the microblog artist proof. On the table fresh juices, fruits, vegetables, herbs, seafood, coffee and cheese. However, Temnikova flour doesn’t rule. However, according to followers, the figure of the celebrity is not threatened – she can afford anything.

      “I’m hungry. But for dinner do not go. In the morning to photograph a flat stomach. Remains to drink tea and to download the press” – wrote in Instagram singer.