Lena Temnikova spoke about the difficulties of motherhood

Лена Темникова заговорила о трудностях материнства The singer is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of his daughter. According to the artist, she plans to equip the house with a special room where the shooting took place. Temnikova trying to give the successor a lot of time and is not shy to share joyful shots with the baby in social networks.

      Singer Lena Temnikova released a new video for “Movement”. In the new work, fans saw not only a favorite actress in the clothes, fashionable this season, but also noted interesting technique of shooting video with the use of 25-th frame. However, the singer believes that not everyone will understand the idea of the Director. Fans of the star waited for the release of the video look as Lena devotes more time to family than work. After the birth of daughter Sasha in 2015, Temnikova has completely changed the approach to life.

      “I am a typical mom of the first child. We are all sterile, wet cleaning twice a day. Every breath, a tear — I panic. It is only recently that I became calmer to treat everything. If the daughter, for example, wants to crawl to the restaurant, and then these hands are dry — let them crawl and eat. I have already included the European approach: Sasha is a year and seven months, and I think it’s time for her to “be microbes” to strengthen the immune system,” admitted Lena.

      The actress initially did not want to show the baby to his fans in social networks, but then realized that may not share staff with my kid. “I want to talk about your happiness,” explained the star. Lena Temnikova demonstrated by the first family photo

      When Sasha was born, her star mom had to deal with all the difficulties of parenting a newborn baby. Lena admits that she was very pleased when relatives volunteered to help her.

      “We haven’t slept at all, Sasha had colic – all moms know what it is. Then the allergies… well, we were worried about every movement, rustle, nervous and, of course, quickly exhausted. And then we went to grandparents – the parents of Dima. The only time I really experienced the joy of motherhood,” – said the singer

      Temnikova wants to be with Sasha all the time, so she builds a work schedule. When my daughter was a little older, my parents decided to find her a nanny. According to Lena, the woman became their family member. “Sometimes I even ask her to read to us with Sasha, the tale that we all fell fast asleep. Although when I’m home, we try to I was with my daughter alone,” admitted Lena.

      However, the actress has decided to conduct the shoot for one of the projects at home. “Equipped with a room camera, light… I want to spend much time with Sasha,” explained Temnikova in an interview Woman.ru.