Lena Temnikova: “Our family beat cancer”

Лена Темникова: «Наша семья победила рак» The singer admitted that some time ago, her loved ones are faced with cancer. The artist did not remain indifferent to the history of a guy who was diagnosed with a sarcoma. Helen supported him with kind words.

      Лена Темникова: «Наша семья победила рак»

      Many stars often help people who are faced with serious diseases. Lena Temnikova are unable to remain indifferent to the issue of 20-year-old Nikita, who doctors have diagnosed with a sarcoma.

      The young man has a blog in the social network, which tells about the difficulties faced by cancer patients during treatment in Russia. No matter what, he fights and goes forward. Nikita has announced the collection of funds for treatment. Thanks to the help of caring people, he was able to raise the money for treatment abroad.

      “It became clear that we need to go somewhere, where we can offer now is not just to cut. And it will be France. The answer from them came, but asked to wait, consider the application and wait until the Professor to be able to Skype with him, so do not clear anything, not even approximately. Time. For us it is very valuable. Today was the reception at the plastic, wanted to hear his opinion about the surgery and I showed him the rashes, he said that you need to define what it is. I didn’t want to take a biopsy because there is other country and other rules, maybe they want their tests to conduct, and now realized that soon we wouldn’t get there,” he described the situation of the patient sarcoma.

      Subscribers microblog Nikita left him words of encouragement and said that believe in his recovery. One of the stars who commented on the record guy is Lena Temnikova. The singer is very emotionally reacted to the suffering of the patient.

      “In 2016, our family beat cancer. Serious stage. I didn’t tell anyone. You write. You can do this. Believe. Write us often. Don’t be a stranger. You’re a fighter,” said the artist.

      Temnikova is trying to communicate with the media on difficult issues, and therefore never mentioned about the cancer in his numerous interviews. A representative for the actress declined to comment on the situation, hinting that this is very personal to Lena.