Lena Miro humiliated Olga Orlov

Лена Миро унизила Ольгу Орлову The blogger wrote an article about the leading “House-2”. According to Miro, Orlova deceiving the fans, saying that does not resort to services of plastic surgeons and cosmetologists. Olga decided to return Leno on the Network.
Лена Миро унизила Ольгу Орлову

Controversial blogger Lena Miro tried to expose another domestic celebrity Olga Orlov. The writer is convinced that the leading “House-2” has repeatedly altered the face. According to Lena, Olga overdid the lips, and cheekbones, even though she Orlov stated that it is not resorted to services of plastic surgeons.

Лена Миро унизила Ольгу Орлову“Apparently, billiard balls on her cheeks by nature flat as a pancake, the face rose from the fact that she ate a little, ran a lot and did not smoke. I am surprised by the position of our stars, which Shepeleva hyped fillers lips assure us that they – all natural, all his own. Who is the target audience of the speech? One of our singer’s mouth trying to fool? Or they are so divorced from reality that they do not know fillers and Botox are familiar with today, each inhabitant of the settlement of city type? What kind of provincial systems – to hide the obvious? Well, you’re messing with the person, regularly visit the gynecologist, brush my teeth – this is normal, it is not a shame. In the circle of decent people, of course, not on a rural disco called “the Russian showbiz,” says Lena in one of the social networks.

The reaction Orlova was immediate. Leading has published a post on Instagram in which he invited bloggers to a meeting to sort things out in real life.

“Dear Elena! I invite you to any restaurant of Moscow for dinner. In addition to delicious food and champagne, I promise that you will have a unique opportunity to feel me fully and in detail to study my face on the subject of injections, dermal fillers and seams. If you can find on my “naturally flat as a pancake, face – billiard balls of the cheeks, swollen lips” and so on, even the next day you will be able to write anything about me even more devastating than that. Let us agree on time and place. And spend with you an unforgettable evening together!” suggested Orlov.

This conflict of the blogger and the leader is not over. Miro said Orlova, telling her to protect the liver, abandoning alcoholic beverages. Lena also called the name of the beautician who, in her opinion, worsened the appearance of Olga.

“To me there is no point in touching your face, and disdain me, if I’m perfectly honest, to do it – you never know what kind of fluid was it? Moreover, there is a much more productive way to resolve our dispute, I will call only one name – Gubanova, so you could understand. I’m pretty sure a PhD candidate, defended her words, a thesis for the correction of the lower third of the face, a bad beautician Gubanova assured you, a little champagne moved that “nobody will notice any interventions”! But, Olga, come in already in adequate, Moscow – a big village, where everything about everybody know everything,” he threatened Lena.

The blogger noted that their conflict is settled. Meet at the negotiating table with Olga Lena is not going to.

“Our argument, as we see, allowed prematurely and without alcohol. Thanks for the permission to write something even more devastating the next day about you, but I already said it all. And not you, to be honest, the two articles in my blog” – summed up Miro.