Лена Миро прокомментировала ссоры ведущих «Давай поженимся!»
Controversial blogger spoke about the conflict Guzeeva, Sabitova and Volodya.

Лена Миро прокомментировала ссоры ведущих «Давай поженимся!»

Vasilisa Volodina, Larisa Guzeeva and Rose Sabitova

Rumors that the three presenters of the popular wedding show is not
make friends, go for a long time. Recently their “hard” confirmed Larissa
Guzeeva. She does not hide what does not favor their colleagues in the show “Let’s get married!”
on the First channel and tries to avoid contact with Syabitova Rose and Vasilisa
Volodya outside of the area. She confirmed this once again, not giving too
appraisal of the astrologer. The scandal erupted on the page, Lera Kudryavtseva in
the social network. And would post the presenter’s provocative, but no! Leroy
which is
becoming a mom for the second time, I decided to consult with his
friends and subscribers, asking their opinions about nannies from the Philippines.

The discussion was joined by Larisa Guzeeva, recommending ler
consult Volodya, as Vasilisa was previously
nanny-Filipina, and she was very pleased. Kudryavtseva immediately replied
friend, explaining why to do it. “Lorik, your Vasilisa
after the word “b****” or”***”, don’t remember exactly, I wrote an angry message and
pointedly deleted from Instagram,” wrote the star. Guzeeva
outraged by the behavior of colleagues, and called it “random person” in the world

Sparring between the participants of the famous show quickly turned
in a scandal in the Network. Passions do not cease the second week and, judging by the fact that
the situation decided to comment on infamous blogger Lena Miro, us
waiting for “new series”.

“Grandma Larisa with youthful enthusiasm swore at a colleague, and that
removed her from friends. Further in the disassembly came the heavy artillery — rose
Sabitova accused Guzeeva in a lie. Who is right there — what’s the difference? In General,
snakes from the district serpentarium. Even money is unable to relieve women from
hatred to each other. Every woman’s Union is doomed,” says Miro.

Lena Miro