Лена Летучая заявила об особой близости с супругом The TV presenter and her husband Yuri Anashenkov spend together on honeymoon in the Maldives. Presenter explained how to achieve such an idyll that reigns in their relationship with their spouse. According to star, a pair no one owes nothing.

      The ex-host of the program “Revizorro” presenter enjoys a honeymoon in the Maldives. The woman was married to businessman Yury Anashenkov in Greece, as I didn’t want to attract unwanted attention from the media to his marriage. According to Fly, she always chooses what to tell the press about their personal lives with her husband, and that is to keep only for yourself. Presenter got married abroad

      “We wanted to celebrate a wedding in Russia, but did not want to do this PR show, didn’t want some judge the people were on our holiday, it was planned that during the celebration will only be attended by members of our families. But in the end I realized that I will not be able to achieve this because of my popularity. Here, in Russia, there is no completely private places,” Lena explained their decision to get married abroad.

      TV presenter admits that never wanted to get married for a long time she could not find anyone who was willing to say “Yes” at the wedding altar. When Bat met Yuri, she immediately felt protected and loved. Between them there was a special closeness.

      “I think that in relations people should not infringe the rights of each other. I’m talking about freedom in the relationship, which is needed for adults. We have a Jura, they, relationships, are very close. However, no one owes nothing,” – said Lena.

      According to the presenter, she and her husband can talk on any topic. The woman always listens to her husband, as he is an Advisor for it in many cases. Flying is never jealous of the satellite, as it believes that this feeling is evidence of insecurity in their own behavior and feelings. “I love Yura. And I want him to be happy. If it goes well, I will,” admitted Lena in an interview to TV Program”.

      We will remind that in the beginning of the relationship Anashenkov and Bats has faced criticism from the public. The TV presenter was accused that she destroyed the family of Yuri, which has two growing children. The woman hastened to explain to reporters that she was “the other woman”. “That’s not true, we started Dating when he broke up with his wife. She also has other relationships, and everyone is happy,” said Bat.

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