Lena Lenin’s eating cockroaches

Лена Ленина лакомится тараканами The famous writer had the courage to try an exotic dish. Lena Lenina glad that insects are low in calories. Celebrity now rests in the South-East Asia.

      Лена Ленина лакомится тараканами

      Outrageous writer Lena Lenin conducts exotic vacations in Southeast Asia. Although now in her new homes in the suburban towns of Cambridge and Marseille, she decided to take a break from routine and went on vacation.

      Apparently, Lena decided to experience all the exoticism of South East Asia – does massage cacti and snakes, as well as the hair mask from the seed of the whale. But the most amazing fact that Lenin was not afraid to try unusual treats – various insects.

      Despite the fact that many with disdain for such dishes, Lena is not afraid of experiments. She realizes that grasshoppers, beetles and other larvae is a very nourishing food, as it contains a lot of protein, so it is unlikely people will be able to eat more than two plates of this stuff. But Lena Lenina, it seems, can. Lenin knows that the “meat” of insects contains chitin, a natural compound, which perfectly cleanses the body and helps reduce weight. It therefore recommends that all ladies of the planet to pay attention to this healthy treat.

      Apparently, low-calorie food for now Lena Lenina in priority. On arrival at the holiday writer your baggage is lost, where all the outfits. That’s why she went to the beach the boutiques to choose swimwear for holidays.

      And if the lady was confined to one or two swimsuits, successful entrepreneurs their ideas about shopping, and Lenin once bought more than three dozen. And, mostly, black and white, with white polka dots, pink and red. But the most remarkable was that she bargain wholesale swimwear with original price of $ 150 to the price in 30-35, depending on the boutique, provided that immediately buy at least ten pieces. Lena Lenina bought 32 of the swimsuit and probably serious plans to demolish them all here over the next couple of weeks.

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