Lena Lenina walked down the red carpet in Cannes in a hedgehog costume

Лена Ленина прошлась по красной дорожке в Каннах в костюме ежа
The writer again shocked the guests of the famous film festival.

Lena Lenina

Photo: Instagram

Lena Lenina shocked guests at the Cannes festival
which opened yesterday on the Cote d’azur. The writer, probably a year
preparing for the start of the next forum: every time she gets
invitation to the opening ceremony — and each time appears in red
the same outfit that makes the audience wonder.

This year Lena appeared at the opening ceremony
film festival in a long gold dress, adorned with decorative elements in
the form of spikes. Photographers immediately to Lenin aptly christened “hedgehog” and sent her all the cameras. Extreme dress style Lena
complements the high hair-cone, the end of which, of course, crowned gold

What kind of glue was used Lenin to design
to be sustainable, known only to her. According to rumors, at previous Cannes festivals
barbers used to her kuafyur suit and all that was on hand
starting with inflated condoms and ending childhood balls.

Lena Lenina is a regular guest at the Cannes film festival.
On the Cote d’azur it is called in different ways: some crazy Russian, and someone
— outrageous fashionista. The writer is satisfied with both.