Лена Ленина ошеломила экстравагантными пляжными образами The writer often shows a cheeky photo in a bikini. In her opinion, the most fashionable color of this summer was pink. Star urges fans to experiment with swimwear not to forget about the use of accessories.
 Лена Ленина ошеломила экстравагантными пляжными образами

Lena Lenina loves to shock the audience, so she often chooses extravagant outfits on the red carpet. However, this summer, the star decided to change updo and dresses in the floor for no less than a daring bikini. The writer enjoyed experimenting with colors and styles of swimwear and gives fashion tips to fans.

“Pink is the color this season at the peak of popularity. And blonde is better to choose a colour close to purple, but brunettes will suit fuchsia. Also advised not to ignore the combination of black and white. Zebra, stripes, polka dots — all the prints are incredibly popular,” says the star.
 Лена Ленина ошеломила экстравагантными пляжными образами

Businesswoman believes that successful beach bow is created with many details. So, Lenin was sure that while choosing a swimsuit, you need to consider not only the shade of hair, but also a personal color type. For example, a blue-eyed blondes with fair skin lemon suit bikini, and dark ladies, it is better to bet on bright prints.

But green and turquoise when selecting a bikini star advises to avoid. These shades really are many ladies, but due to their popularity there is a risk to meet on the beach women in similar swimsuits. Lenin urges to stand out and experiment, even during the holidays.

However, if the girl still made a bet on green, her, according to Lena, you need to carefully choose the color. So, for brunettes will suit the bottle, but red for the ladies it is better to prefer light green or khaki.

Since we are talking about a full beach way, Lena advises not to ignore the accessories. She often wears to the beach extravagant headdresses and jewelry.

“After I accidentally dropped into the water bracelet with emeralds and diamond earrings, prefer to wear the beach jewelry. Even wedding rings should be left in the room as this reduces the risk of loss. Moreover, without the decoration on the ring finger will be easier to meet a muscular handsome man on the subject of holiday romance,” jokes Lenin.
 Лена Ленина ошеломила экстравагантными пляжными образами

The star did not hesitate to choose a tiny bikini and unusual camera angles. Her “Instagram” is full of candid photos taken on the beach in various poses. Fans believe that Lena in any bikini looks organic, and her fashion tips fully conform to current beach trends.