Lena Lenina made against jeans

Лена Ленина выступила против джинсов
Fashion writer campaigning for women to wear skirts.

Lena Lenina

Photo: From personal archive

Lena Lenin urged all women to wear skirts. Writer
explained that the pants, the fairer sex had to wear internally, and the fashion for them came from poverty.

“During the First
world war, replacing men with machines, women took over their work clothes
together with trousers, says Lenin. — Not to mention the cigarettes and short
haircuts… Before the Second world war, skirts and beautiful dresses again
began to actively fight with the pants and almost had defeated them, had begun
the war and postwar dire economic situation has forced all
to save. Purchase stocking nor in any fashionistas don’t have enough money, so
pants again came back into use. And with the advent of the fashion of jeans left in it

With all the economic advantages of the pants, Elena says that jeans
harmful for women’s health. But men will always prefer
women in the skirt, as this makes the clothes the ladies take care of themselves.

“They are more likely to meet them and invite for Dating, —
says Lenin. Besides with skirts and dresses for the ladies easier to wear a whole lot
women’s jewelry that are unthinkable with jeans: bracelets, necklaces, long
earrings, high heels or cleavage. And they also make ladies more feminine. And
going out in a dress Willy-nilly do my hair and makeup, without which you can safely
to do jeans, but not men’s eyes. Jeans in General are cursed by physicians for
excessive pressure on the pelvic organs, leading to stagnation of blood and disorders
in the women’s field, and even hormonal imbalances. Some “brusnica”
experience, understanding the need to be attractive and to wear skirts to worry about
a cold time of year, wrongly claiming that pants are warmer. But they apparently
specifically pretend fur boots, thermal underwear, wool tights and
long coats with jackets are not there? The only disadvantage of dresses, says
one of my friend, the Secretary of the King of drywall from the City of Comfort, is that
they want a lot. And this is understandable. A particularly elegant, fitted, long,
fluid, silky and sexy, which is insane all men. But this
drawback we have learned to deal with shopping. Although bright scarves, handbags and jewelry
can the same dress to make a new unrecognizable. Besides, men don’t
understand anything in fashion and wound you just a piece of any tissue is
expensive dresses, they will be happy, just not pants.”