Lena Lenina had an accident

Лена Ленина попала в аварию Machine socialite suffered serious damage. Lena Lenina reported that her car crashed into the young guys who were traveling in a dedicated lane for public transport. The woman urged fans to be careful on the roads.

      Socialite Lena Lenina shared with fans of bad news. In the night from Thursday to Friday a woman got in an accident. According to Lena, it happened after the young men crashed into her car. Businesswoman reported that the cause of the accident was moving in a dedicated lane for public transport. Lenin also urged fans to be careful and obey the traffic rules.

      “No one was hurt, but both cars totaled. Including, unfortunately, mine too. Flying a Gazelle military, very young guys, and hit me in the side of the car… Well, everything is alive. Mom said, and that’s going to worry. Be careful on the roads! Them enough by nice and slow to drive, there is still, unfortunately, other less disciplined members of the movement. Is not Paris! Some low culture of driving. Take care of yourself and your loved ones”, — said Lenin in his microblog.

      Followers of Lena glad that all ended well. They also advised the woman to hold on and not to dwell on negative situations. “The main thing that all has done without victims”, “Horror”, “Nightmare”, “You’re wonderful, take care of yourself”, “the First rule of the motorist — keep your distance, the second rule is give way to the fool, and personally my rule is always inferior to men. They subconsciously do not love, when them ahead of the woman,” was discussed by the fans of a celebrity.

      Earlier, Lenin had written that gave a lecture to students of Moscow University. Speech of women was dedicated to the relationship of the stars and journalists. Apparently, Lena was pleasant to communicate with young people. She posted several videos from the meeting on Instagram. In the comments to the posts Lena the students thanked her for a master class.