Лена Ленина подарила сыну шикарный внедорожник The writer gave the heir a surprise. Lena Lenina told that in this year a young man graduated from high school, but because it’s a good school should be rewarded. As a gift she presented an expensive car.
Лена Ленина подарила сыну шикарный внедорожник

Writer and businesswoman Lena Lenina is among the celebrities who try to protect his family from public attention. Not so long ago she admitted that her only son. Fans were surprised by this revelation because I never heard that she has children. Lena Lenin explained why hiding only son

As it turned out, her child this year graduated from high school. Boy studying in France. After passing final school exams with high grades sufficient for admission to any French University, the writer decided to promote heir. For obtaining of the diploma of General baccalaureate, which can be prirovnyat to the Russian diploma of the school, Lena arranged for her son a real surprise – was handed the keys to the SUV. The young man was happy with the gift and promised mother to obey the traffic rules, and earned the first million to buy her a pink Ferrari.

Businesswoman believes that her son is wise enough to abandon the idea of a night race. The owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena belongs to the category of parents who believe that all achievements should be rewarded, including a good education. Shocking blonde did not regret money to purchase luxury cars, as it believes that buying a cheap car for their child, thus risking his health.

“I encouraged the desire of a son to earn money. Funds for pocket money, I did not give, and he earned them wash my car. And as punishment I didn’t fined it on the money, and sastavdalas to do push-UPS. So I want to grow strong and wealthy son,” admitted Lenin.

Lena told me that often puts the example of the teenager my friends-entrepreneurs. In her opinion, for my son it is helpful to hear similar stories to succeed in life.