Лена Ленина подбивала коллегу на непристойность Socialite tried to organize an attack on Prokhor Chaliapin. This was told by former soloist of the popular in the beginning of two thousandth of the “Propaganda” Victoria Voronina. Then the young woman did not dare to follow the recommendations of the Lena.
Лена Ленина подбивала коллегу на непристойность
Лена Ленина подбивала коллегу на непристойность

The ex-soloist of group “Propaganda” Victoria Voronina recently gave an interview in which he shared his views on show business. A young woman plans to return to the stage after a long break. During the conversation with reporters, Victoria said that he never wanted to go on the transaction with conscience in order to progress in your career. “There were moments when I was in the group, yeah, I could tell at the concert: “You do have to get down from the stage and sit down on his knees to the man near the table,” but I never did,” – said Voronin.

According to Victoria, once a writer and businesswoman Lena Lenina tried to “spin” it with a scandal. During his presentation, socialite advised to attack the singer of Prokhor Chaliapin. However, Voronina not relished recommendation Lena. The former soloist of the popular group found that doesn’t fit a similar way to Express yourself.

“She is a lovely girl, speaks several foreign languages, wrote many books. Lena came up to me and whispered in my ear: “Vic, go and cake slapped in the face Prokhor Chaliapin”. I hesitated and blunted, agitated and refused. And she says, so the laws of show business are not working. In the end, someone else slapped the cake because Lena said will write about it all. And I don’t want to write that somewhere I screwed up,” shared Victoria.

Voronin also told that do not belong to the show business. According to the artist, she works in the field of popular music. “My industry and profession, “singer” impaired” – said the singer. Victoria nine years worked in the academic theatre. And now these skills, sadly, she says, is useless.

We will remind that Victoria Voronina is the author of many hits of the group “Propaganda”. Once she was in the popular team along with Victoria Petrenko and Julia Haradinaj. The whole country knew such songs girls like “Chalk”, “Superdetka” and “the Apples are eating”. The first album artists under the name “Babies” sold in large numbers.

After the “Propaganda” was replaced by the producer, the terms of the contract Voronina became unbearable. In an interview, Victoria said she was forced to give up almost all their fees. So the actress decided to leave the band. In 2011 she got married and then moved to another country and become a large mum. “Now that I’ve done the most important natural problem, I can engage in active activities. I returned to Moscow”, – quotes Voronin Life.ru. The soloist of “Propaganda” is in bondage producer