Lena Lenina eating insects

Лена Ленина лакомится насекомыми

Frequenter of trendy hangouts Lena Lenin had the courage to try an exotic dish, looking at that about food is often an afterthought.

Now the socialite is in South-East Asia. Lenin went there to have a little break from the renovation, which is conducted in its recently bought a new house in the suburban village.

Bold and decisive Lena decided once again to show that nothing is impossible, but because the rest chose to experience all the exoticism of the region where she went.

Lenin did massage cacti and snakes, put on a hair mask from the seed of the whale. But the most amazing fact that Lenin was not afraid to try unusual treats – various insects.

As you know, grasshoppers, beetles and other larvae is a very nourishing food, as it contains a lot of protein, so it is unlikely people will be able to eat more than two plates of this stuff. But Lena, it seems, can. She knows that the “meat” of insects contains chitin, a natural compound, which perfectly cleanses the body and helps reduce weight. It therefore recommends that all ladies of the planet to pay attention to this healthy treat.

Would you dare to try such a delicacy?

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