Лена Ленина бросила избранника ради подруг The well-known writer rests in the company of women. Lena Lenina is having a great time in the most expensive resort in Italy. A star not only sunbathing on the local beaches, but also actively engaged in shopping, adding to the forty pairs in my Shoe collection.

      Лена Ленина бросила избранника ради подруг

      The most expensive resort in Italy on the Mediterranean coast, the town of Forte dei Marmi, the “Fortress of marble”, has attracted Russian stars and businessmen for several seasons, so it is considered the Russian. The Russians have bought up more than 30 percent of real estate in and around the city and in local stores more often you can hear Russian spoken than Italian. The cost of renting villas here reaches 100 thousand euros for a couple of summer months, and the cost of renting a couple of square meters from the beach with a couple of loungers under an umbrella of ten thousand euros. In the trendy local restaurants, take a seat without a reservation and have dinner for less than 200 euros per person. But in the Central cafe of the town with the most expensive cost of a Cup of coffee in Italy, you can see many large Russian businessmen Oleg Tinkov to Roman Abramovich or star regulars from Katie Topuria to couple Malikovich. In this season is noticed and well-known socialite, writer and businesswoman Lena Lenin. The star is resting here together with his business friends Tatiana Bagrintseva and Vitaliy Sharlay.

      Lena Lenina, shifting of superintendents on the repair of two of its new homes in the suburban towns of Cambridge and Marseille, leaving his new boyfriend and they have had time to rest in St. Barts, flew with friends to swim and sunbathe. Lena Lenina flew with the new boyfriend to the island of millionaires

      By the way, from a holiday on the French island of millionaires Lenin was delighted.

      “The service here is not French, with their eternal demand for respect arrogant staff, and improved Moscow and extremely courteous – everything the client wishes. And gold and diamonds can be safely scattered around the room – in the world of billionaires, it is safe” – shared Lenin with “StarHit”.

      And now the writer is resting in a purely female company, which is also, of course, has its advantages. Visits to the beach ladies successfully combine with shopping, because in August discounts are in full swing.

      Lena Lenina, this month discovered the first time the joy of wearing sneakers, bought forty pairs of “miracle shoes” of different brands, adding to its strong collection of sandals, shoes, boots and ankle boots. In free social dinners and boutiques Lena Lenina is bathing Topless and demonstrates a stunning figure.

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