Lena Lenina asks for help Vasily Stepanov

Лена Ленина просит помочь Василию Степанову Businesswoman pities the actor who appeared in a difficult life situation. According to Lena, Vasily Stepanov, being a creative and talented person, has a high degree of shyness. Therefore the socialite wants to contribute to its return to the profession.

Socialite and businesswoman Lena Lenin – friend of the stars of the blockbuster “the Inhabited island” Vasily Stepanov. In April a young man was at the center of attention of journalists. Stepanov went to the hospital after he fell out the window and then was in a psychiatric clinic. The artist himself says that fell through, trying to rescue the cat. Lena Lenin says in this story “a lot of dark spots”. At the moment Stepanov is reabilitaciju at home.

Vasily Stepanov, for the first time revealed details of the falling out the window

Recently a woman shared with journalists his point of view about the situation, which turned out to Vasily Stepanov. Lenin is convinced that her friend is a good actor, which is bright and memorable appearance. So Lena believes that he will be able triumphant return to the cinema and become a real star.

“Vasily Stepanov was a mystery to me. Nature is extremely generously rewarded this young man: he’s incredibly handsome, extremely impressive, very body – and photogenic… But the paradox is that nature when handing out the Bob beauty, apparently, turned against him the minute it was time to distribute the strengths of character,” said the writer.

The writer believes that Stepanov “introverted, emotional, irrational and intuitive.” Analyzing the nature of men, Lenin said that he has a high degree of sensitivity. Speaking about the sociotype of Basil, Lena called him a “poet.”

The woman also openly spoke about the conditions in which her friend lives. Lena says Vasily extremely tight budget, and as an adult, is forced to live with parents because “he can earn money not able to”. Lenin believes that Stepanov, who grew up in an ordinary family, it is far from show business, just not able to “survive” in an artistic environment. “Bob’s too shy to be an actor,” – said the businesswoman.

In recognition of the socialite, she sincerely regrets Vasily Stepanov. Therefore, Lenin is trying to help him. Celebrity decided to appeal to the public to facilitate the return to work Stepanova. Businesswoman has urged advertisers and filmmakers to draw attention to the talented and attractive actor. “All of his work, if relatives and caring to his people he will help,” – said Lenin in an interview WomanHit.ru.