Lena Lenina about Ksenia Sobchak: “People from “House-2″ in politics”

Лена Ленина о Ксении Собчак: «Выходцам из «Дома-2» в политике не место» The writer spoke about the plans of the presenter. At the meeting with Rustam Solntsev Lena Lenin said he did not believe in the success of Xenia in the election. According to the businesswoman, success in this field are making the people who came from the street.
Лена Ленина о Ксении Собчак: «Выходцам из «Дома-2» в политике не место»

Netizens are actively discussing the possible presidency of Ksenia Sobchak and quick wedding Nikolai Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva. Are unable to avoid these two burning topics and showman Rustam Solntsev and writer Lena Lenina. Meeting in a cozy cafe, celebrities assessed the situation facing their colleagues.

“The woman with the eggs – that’s what the country needs”: the principles of the presidential candidate of Ksenia Sobchak

“Helen, you know everything about everyone – began Rustam. – Your opinion: the singer with lopyrevoy serious or it is nonsense?”.

For me it is a big tragedy, – said Lenin. – I consider myself more worthy candidate for Nikolai than Victoria. I could make him greater happiness than she. Yes, Kolya love everything but I especially. Basque is an outstanding figure of our show business. Besides, I’m not even talking about how he is a great singer… This is a rare case when a person simultaneously, and talented, and generous, and kind, with high notions of friendship and honour, which is not enough. Maybe I’m a little in love with nick, so passionate about it. For me, of course, the news about his wedding, was like thunder from a clear sky. Went with grief and bought ten coats and drowned his sorrow in wine. But the bitterness was left to choose… Because he had me, especially for a couple of weeks before the news about the wedding I was offered the stake to marry me. Although I don’t think they do get married. And if they get married, hope will quickly divorce”.

“Len, we have here another very important on the agenda associated with Ksenia Sobchak – she still is running for presidency. Your emotions?” continued the conversation, Rustam.

“We, by the way, a great politician and a great defender of women Masha Arbatova decided to create a school for women candidates for the presidency, replied Lenin. Masha will teach women literacy and political rhetoric, but I the art style and image and PR-technologies.

As for Xenia… Think everyone needs to do their job and I don’t take blondes of “House-2″ as a serious political figures. And I think, this is the opinion of the majority. Of course, Sobchak is not a stupid woman, she has a great ambition and enough self-confidence to move mountains, but I think in politics it a peck of salt eaten. Not succeed in politics are people who came from the streets. So I wish Ksenia not much to hope for victory.”