Lena Lenin will teach all comers the PR

Лена Ленина научит всех желающих пиариться

On the PR and the promotion of their name Lena Lenina dog ate it. The owner of nail salons and the author of several books, a frequent object of discussion in the press due to its extravagant appearances and no less than extravagant actions.

Now Lenin decided to share acquired over the years in show business experience. Lena opens a free school of PR and stellar craftsmanship for people who have no money for higher education in this area.

To educate their “students” Lenin’s plans to attract many figures of show-business celebrities with more star experience.

The training will take place in the new entrance area of the village of Cambridge in New Riga, which she recently she moved. And now Lena is engaged in the recruitment of future applicants who have already started to submit their applications on the website of the writer.

Are you ready to become a student of the courses of stellar PR from Lena?