Lena Lenin was convicted of “naked” shirt

Лену Ленину осудили за «голую» рубашку A businesswoman has published erotic photography. Lena Lenina posted in “Instagram” candid shot from vacation. There is a woman posing in tight-fitting attire, through which Shine savory parts of the body.
Лену Ленину осудили за «голую» рубашку

Socialite Lena Lenina for many years gives the girls tips on how to get in this life: to marry, to buy branded items, relax in the best resorts in the world. In addition, popular blonde does not hide that best knows the secrets of seducing wealthy men. Apparently wanting to attract to your microblog still a male audience, Lenin laid out in the social network of erotic scenes. In the picture business lady is depicted sitting on his knees in the sea. On the naked body of the celebrity wearing transparent wet shirt, which immediately stressed her the most piquant part of the body. The image was completed by hat, original sunglasses and red lipstick.

Of course, subscribers “Instagram” stars are unable to leave this entry unnoticed. Users of the social network wrote dozens of comments under the post pet. Some followers Lena frankness is not appreciated, considering this erotic excess, the other way around the blonde expressed his delight. Fans also noted the excellent form in which the writer. They admitted that even envy the figure and the courage of a woman.

“Beauty”, “Great!”, “How good”, “Sea nymph”, “Lewd photo, unfortunately”, “To “Instagram” is indecent for a porn magazine, you may go”, “nice Breasts!”, “Beauty unearthly”, “I like”, “Very erotic photo. One of the best Lena Lena!”, “Breathtakingly beautiful” – left his opinion in his socialite fans.

Interestingly, to support this form of the blonde helps quality rest and regular trips to the beauty salons. The woman admits that a lot of effort and money is spent on the maintenance of appearance. Earlier in one interview Lena told me that long ago got used to the VIP service and costly presents, to visit the best restaurants and travel the world.

However, the socialite does not deny the difficulties that will have to face the passions millionaire. Lenin warns the girls that the fellowship with businessmen can be dangerous, both for them and for their loved ones. According to the writer, often the children of the oligarchs are kidnapped with the aim of obtaining a large ransom. Lena Lenina revealed the secret relationship with the billionaire