Lena Lenin showed in what conditions there lives Vasily Stepanov

Лена Ленина показала, в каких условиях живет Василий Степанов Socialite is friends with the actor for many years, so trying to maintain it in difficult period of life. Lena Lenina visited the young man after discharge from the hospital. The writer told followers how she felt after her friend.
Лена Ленина показала, в каких условиях живет Василий Степанов

A friend of actor Lena Lenin hastened to visit Vasily Stepanov immediately after his return from Paris. It turns out that the star was discharged from the clinic two weeks ago, but relatives should not talk about it. The parents of the artist immediately after the hospitalization of a son denied the information about his unstable mental condition. Soon the doctors came to the conclusion that the actor is healthy, so sent him home to convalesce.

“Basil is in good physical and moral form, full of hope and lit a new film project in which he will be shot as soon as his leg heals. He had the cast removed from the hand this week and remained only until the end of the month to convey the drudgery of plaster on the right foot,” comments on the state of the actor Lenin.
Лена Ленина показала, в каких условиях живет Василий Степанов

Sam Stepanov gave a Frank interview in which he said that he was not going to settle scores with life. On assurances of the actor, he was only trying to help the animal in distress.

“I rescued a cat, she crawled over the ledge of the third floor. Got down from his fifth and wanted to get her out but failed. The result was a broken leg and arm. If it fell from the fifth floor, then perhaps all would not end well… Hard to say what survived for the second, when he fell down. I remember that I woke up on the ground, felt the pain in hand, leg. Of course, could not move,” – says about the experience of Basil.

Now his mental condition does not cause any concern, which confirms girlfriend Stepanova Lena Lenina. During the meeting, the writer and actor drank tea, and as a gift to Lenin gave fruit, imported from Thailand.

Many fans of the socialite surprised that the movie star lives in a small apartment with the usual repair.

“Something very poor he lives”, “Help him to do home repairs,” “I Wonder the poor live. It’s because of RAM. Normal lives. Apparently satisfied with everything. And poverty is not measured by the presence of furniture and money,” rushed to comment on the situation followers Lena.

Vasily says that most of the time at home, after all, cast him difficult to move down the street. Nevertheless, he remains in good spirits. Subscribers Lena happy that she helped a young man in a difficult situation.

It is possible that after recovery Vasiliy Stepanov will return to his job. Recall that the last film with the actor came out in 2013, but the real fame he brought the painting by Fyodor Bondarchuk “Inhabited island”.