Lena Lenin radically changed his image

Лена Ленина радикально сменила имидж Writer and businesswoman has decided to go on a bold experiment. She parted with her blond curls. Thus Lenin did not specify whether her reincarnation is temporary or not. Fans of the women decided that the haircut stars very good on her.

      Fans accustomed to the extravagant images of the 36-year-old writer and businesswoman Lena. Lush hair celebrity becomes the subject of long discussions after each release. The thing is that the woman regularly chooses outrageous hairstyles that none of the representatives of show-business does not dare. So, she made his head heart hair, as well as the massive beam in the form of torpedoes. And once Lena had woven into his blond curls chandelier, what shocked many fans, it would seem, accustomed to the constant striking changes in the appearance of a star.

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      But the other day, and seen many fans of the famous writer was impressed. The woman decided to radically change its image. The followers of the microblog Lena did not expect this from her. Celebrity said goodbye to their blond curls that had become her trademark. Lena also decided not to do the usual for those who follow her appearances, high hairstyles. The woman they chose a short Bob color Voronova wing with asymmetrical bangs. According to Lena, black is a shade that will never lose its relevance.

      “I like you a brunette? Someone requested a short cut, and I went even further. A significant argument in favor of black’s versatility. Black appropriate in the office, on a romantic date, and at social events” – shared Lena Lenin in his Instagram.

      Subscribers microblog famous writer immediately started to discuss her new image. Many of them found that in it Lenin looks amazing. “You are like 10 years younger. Super similar to the girl” “God, what a beautiful woman”, “Fashionable”, “a Bright, expressive”, “So much better”, “well Done, brave”, “Very pleasantly surprised”, “Always admire you, with that color hair is beautiful,” wrote in the comments of the post star.

      Lena Lenina thanked its subscribers for the compliments and answered some questions her followers. So, she said that beauty can ruin the only stupidity or vulgarity. She also admitted that loves expressive hairstyles, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. “I like the original hairstyle. And I’m not afraid to sneer at a,” said Lenin.