Lena Lenin came to the defense of Anastasia Volochkova

Лена Ленина встала на защиту Анастасии Волочковой The writer is outraged reaction of the public. Lena Lenin hastened to support Anastasia Volochkova in a sex scandal. She believes that the dancer has made mistakes, but not have to pay such a high price.

Not so long ago scandal after intimate photos of Anastasia Volochkova spread in the Network. As it turned out, candid shots made her ex-boyfriend, businessman red Bunkers. A famous dancer was outraged by the audacity of those who dared to invade her personal life. However, among the star friends were those who hastened to protect Volochkova from attacks. Lena Lenina was shocked by the words of some people. Kate Gordon Anastasia Volochkova has accused black PR

“I’m sorry Cindy. The program on NTV where I was, but I happened to see on TV, it just destroyed everything. Yeah, she made a lot of mistakes. Yeah, she wasn’t always right. She’s a human being and woman! Yes, it is not as white and fluffy as he smells it and has to criticize! But what for all the world to smear the person?! Explain what its all wet?” – asked Lenin.

Fans happy to tell what they think about this. Some have speculated that Anastasia is actually not against such scandals. However, some also rose to her defense.

“And I think that Anastasia Volochkova has achieved great heights and has the right to live as he wants! That’s who she is not, so it’s defenders. And these shows with the removal and separation do not reflect a picture of reality. Not from the crowd, nauskanye spokesmen, the right promise. They are one. It’s her personal life! But theft, deception, fraud should be punished according to the Law!”, “Lena, you are good to protect Cindy. Yes, she’s wrong, and makes a lot of mistakes, but to ridicule a person can’t”, “I think that girl likes. So she does everything with his hands”, was the opinion of members of the Lena.

The Anastasia after this scandal, decided to look into the matter through the courts. According to Volochkova, she had the information that Bunkers met with the wife of her former driver. She supposes that it’s just their subtle revenge – after all, Skirtach now arrested for fraud and theft from ballerina large sums of money.

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