Лина Данэм о том, что не сможет иметь детей

The star of the show “Girls” Lena Dunham does not hide anything from the public, and is always honest with his fans. She talks openly about bodyshaping and experienced during childhood trauma. The actress wrote a touching essay, in which he described his feelings about the operation, which moved a few месяцеd ago and the inability to have children, which dreamed of since childhood.

Лина Данэм о том, что не сможет иметь детей

The last 10 years Dunham was suffering from endometriosis is a disease in which cells of the endometrium (the inner layer of the wall of the uterus) grow outside of this layer. The actress has been through many surgeries, and the last time they removed her uterus. After the last surgical intervention 31-year-old Lin has lost the ability to have children. In his candid essay for American Vogue Lena said that procreation is what she wanted from a young age.

“I never had a doubt — to have or not to have children. From the moment when I realized how to do family, I understand that pregnancy is a glorious beginning of everything. As a child I stuffed the shirt under a pile of clothes and brightening walked around the living room. During the filming of my TV show (“Girls” — approx. ed.) I wore an artificial stomach and stroked it with such satisfaction. Even male colleagues were careful with me; it was staring at me. And I was looking forward to when my belly will increase in a natural way, and not because of the rubber lining. But there is something else: however, as my awareness grew that I want a baby, I was convinced something was wrong with my uterus. I felt it… ” begins a monologue Dunham.

She has had 9 operations, after each claiming that the chance of getting pregnant is still there. In 2017 the girl she had terrible pain, which she had never experienced. “In August the pain became unbearable. The doctors could not explain. The ultrasound showed no cysts, free fluid, and of course, no baby. I knew that with such pain, I can’t be anyone’s mother. Even if I got pregnant, I would not have coped. From August to November I was desperately trying to cope with the new level of pain. I went for acupuncture, pain therapy and even a terrible vaginal massage. I was determined to beat the system, outwit what was eating me up inside. I could no longer work normally. I was constantly asked the doctor: “What’s next?”. He replied: “Let’s wait”. “

The pain was so strong that the actress herself initiated the operation to remove the uterus. The doctors agreed. According to Lina, this decision has given her a challenge. Determination to become one day her mother has not left the actress seriously thought about having to resort to the adoption process.