Lena Dunham lost weight because of trump

Лена Данэм похудела из-за Трампа

The famous American actress, Director and writer Lena Dunham confessed that victory in the presidential election of Republican Donald trump had an impact on her figure. The woman from the very beginning supported the representative of the democratic party ,Hillary Clinton, she was sure that her candidate will not lose, but it was not like she imagined.

In an interview on radio station SiriusXM celebrity confessed that she was too upset victory trump and she doesn’t even want to eat. In this regard, the weight of the Lena river began to melt.
“From the moment Donald trump became President, I can’t eat, I lost appetite. All I ask, “How have you lost weight? Are you doing something? You have a new diet?”, and I answer: “No, just feel heartache, and hopelessness. Soon you will lose weight”” — said Dunham.
Recall that Lena recently announced plans to shoot a feature film “Girls”, in which the eponymous series, the last season is about to start. Dunham is the producer and Director of the film. However, when that happens, she says.